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Annette has left us
On the morning of March 1st Annette Reynolds , author of Remember the Time and A sea Change, passed away peacefully in Tacoma, WA. surround by friends and family. Annette fought a brief but valiant fight against Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD, a variant of Alzheimer's disease is ruthless, rapid and always fatal.
Annette left us two novels to remember her work by, but for those who knew her, her love and kindness left us something that we will never forget.

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11/​3/​13: Click on my newest tab above - How and Where - for a photo essay about "Remember The Time!"

The Real Salmon Beach

Curious about the setting for "A Sea Change?" It's a charming little place called Salmon Beach in Tacoma, Washington. Read my BLOG page to learn more about the place, the book, and the inspiration. Photos too!

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On Salmon Beach, Magic Happens: Mermaids Speak in Dreams and Lives Are Transformed.

Maddy believes she's lost her past. On Salmon Beach she rediscovers her desires.

Nick has buried his feelings, and everything he cares about, deep within himself. On Salmon Beach he unearths his heart.

Maddy Phillips, alone for the first time, comes to the hidden community of Salmon Beach - only accessible by sea, or 200 steps down a sheer cliff - to seek refuge from a broken relationship. What she won’t acknowledge is the loss of something - and someone - much more significant.

Nick McKay moves to Salmon Beach when his baseball career and marriage abruptly end; the one person he loves - his daughter - taken from him in a bitter divorce. During the day he's the good-natured handyman to the quirky residents of the beach, but his nights are long, lonely, and filled with cruel dreams.

The past has a way of insinuating itself into the present in unimaginable ways. What we think we want, we find we don’t need. It takes courage to take that first step toward change; even more courage to know when to leave the past - and all its pain and sorrow -where it belongs.

Salmon Beach becomes Nick and Maddy's haven and meeting place; the two hundred stairs down, their first steps to transformation.

A Sea Change - a contemporary love story with crisp, provocative prose, and complex, unforgettable characters - moves through four seasons of healing in a vivid metaphorical journey with Nick and Maddy.

On Salmon Beach secrets become hopes, and those hopes become a passionate, life-altering sea change.

August 26, 2012

Dear Readers and Readers-To-Be,

I'm overjoyed to tell you that my next book - "A Sea Change" - will finally be published as an e-book. Target date: September 2012!

I realize it's been a long time coming and I apologize for the wait. I hope you'll find it was worth it.

It's been a long, hard fifteen years since "Remember The Time" was originally published: I lost my best friend to leukemia, my darling mother to COPD, and my creativity to Graves Disease.

But I'm happy to say the urge to write has returned at last. Like any unused muscle that has atrophied, it's going to take some time to get up to full strength. I sincerely hope I can get there!

"A Sea Change" was written in 1998. Although I've edited it exhaustively over the past two months, I wanted to keep the story set in the year 2000 for a variety of reasons.

Originally written as the second book in my two-book deal with Bantam Books (now Random House), "A Sea Change" never saw the light of day because my editor and I never could see eye-to-eye.

But I've always loved the story, the place, and the people who populate the Salmon Beach of my novel, and this feels like the perfect time to introduce them to you. I'm hoping you'll fall in love with Nick and Maddy's story the way I did.

Thank you, again, Dear Readers, for your patience and support.

Annette Reynolds

UPDATE! As of August 2011 Random House has published "Remember The Time" as an ebook under their groundbreaking romance publishing line of the '80s and '90s, Loveswept! The program launched with eight titles in August, and "Remember The Time" was one of them. Needless to say, I was thrilled and flattered!

Annette Reynolds was born March 21st, 1954 in Athens, Greece.

“My mother always encouraged me to read, and since that moment when I first opened a book on my own, I’ve never been without one at my side. I love the world of possibility each new book offers. And so, later, writing became a place to create my own world.”

Ms. Reynolds grew up in Monterey, California (“A magical place just begging to be put on paper.”) and went to high school in La Mesa, California. Married, for a time, to a U.S. Army officer, she traveled extensively before settling in Tacoma, Washington. On one of their assignments, Ms. Reynolds spent 5 years in Virginia.

Her first novel, Remember The Time, is a contemporary love story set in Staunton, Virginia. This town in the Shenandoah Valley is home to Mary Baldwin College, where Ms. Reynolds received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management.

“Many times, what inspires me to write is not an event, but a place. My second novel (unpublished) came about when a friend invited me to spend a day on Salmon Beach, a hidden community in Tacoma, Washington. When I walked down the 200 steps and came to the eclectic collection of houses built over the water of the Narrows, a story literally rushed into my brain.”

Over the last several years Ms Reynolds has received many letters asking when her next book will be published. “I went through a very rough period in which I lost my dearest friend to cancer,” she states. “And when I lost her, I simply lost my will and ability to create. I couldn’t even read a book, let alone write one. But suddenly, after four years of inactivity, I find myself wanting to stretch my creative muscles again, and I’m thrilled. Thrilled, but scared!”

Annette Reynolds is now at work on a new novel, and is also working on a short story. Remember The Time enjoyed three printings and only recently has gone out of print. It can be found, used, at and

Ms. Reynolds still resides in Tacoma, Washington. She lives in a 90 year old house, with Kokkie, the dog, Misty, the cat, Bubbles, Manny, Moe, Jack, and Vinny, the goldfish, and life partner, Michael Milligan.

Selected Work

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
“A moving story that will stay with you long after the final page.”
--Kay Hooper, author of Amanda